Workshop: Bird Illustration with Peter Marsack

Murray Art Museum Albury - MAMA


This one-day workshop will look at the basics of drawing and painting birds, starting with a look at how birds are built, the use of references, materials and techniques, and leading up to the hands-on production of finished artwork. The workshop will use examples, demonstrations and practical exercises to enable you to put together a finished painting of an Australian bird, and incidentally teach you how to really see and make the most of what you look at. Learn how to build the foundation for an accurate illustration, ‘cladding’ the skeleton to complete the drawing.
We will also look at techniques and materials: painting in gouache (opaque watercolour) – paper/board, paints, brushes; blocking in and detailing. It will be useful to have some familiarity with watercolour and/or gouache painting, applying techniques you already know. Birds are the focus here but the same ideas and techniques apply much more widely.

This workshop will be a good starting point if you want to develop your wildlife art and illustration.



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